Watermark Animated GIF Images on Mac Easily and Quickly

Besides the ability to add visible watermark (an image or a text) to traditional image formats such as JPEG, PNG and PSD, WatermarkSpell is also uniquely featured with the capability of watermarking animated GIF images as well.

No matter you would like to watermark a single image or multiple images altogether, WatermarkSpell provides you the advanced batch watermarking functions allowing you to add an image, a logo or a text overlay to any animated gif images instantly and easily.

WatermarkSpell will pass along all the existing parameters of the original animated GIF image such as color space/color profiles, image metadata, etc. while adding an image or text overlay of your choice as a visible watermark to your GIF image. The final results will be saved as a separate image file at a specific location of your choice as well while keeping the original image file intact.


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