Watermarked photos and images serves as the stamped and sealed document which specifically credits the creator of the art work. When arbitrary users download the images bearing watermarks, they end up publicizing the artist. As a result, it's always a good idea to add a watermark of your identity on your art works to not just help protect your copyrights but also a great way to brand and promote yourself as well.

WatermarkSpell gives you the ultimate power to batch watermark your images professionally in as easy as three simple steps as illustrated in the tutorial below:

Step1: Drag an image or a folder of images into WatermarkSpell

If you have opened more than one image, you will be presented with the image browser window to enable you the freedom to explore all the imported images and filter out those that you don't want to watermark at this time

Step2: Choose to add a text or image watermark

A text watermark

An image watermark

Edit IPTC image metadata (Metadata is an extra measure to protect and brand your photos. It's best practice to ensure that every photo you put online has this data attached to it)

Step3: Export your final results by clicking the "Export..." button & click save

That's it. You get to watermark a bunch of images in less a minute. Wanna try it yourself? Download Now