WatermarkSpell is featured with a lot of unique functions combined with an easy-to-use and friendly user interface to help make adding a professional image or text watermark to your digital photos much faster and easier.

Image Watermark

Support any type of popular bitmap image formats including BMP, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG, ICO and TIFF, etc. No need to resize the watermark image resolution to match the original photo dimension as WatermarkSpell will resize it automatically whenever your image resolution is bigger than your original photographs

Freely move image watermark to any position by dragging. No need to worry about positioning your watermark out of the safe boundaries as WatermarkSpell handles it automatically to make sure the image watermark is always within the safe bounds

Resize image watermark to the ideal size of your choice by simply dragging the resize handles. WatermarkSpell uses advanced algorithms to make sure the image will not lose too much quality no matter you want to enlarge or reduce the image resolution

Adjust opacity of the image watermark to get professional results

Fine tuning image watermark appearance with saturation, contrast and brightness color controls

Apply sharpen filter to highlight image watermark

Use pixellate filter to image watermark to get mosaic effect

Apply sepia tone filter to achieve old film effect for your image watermark

Text Watermark

Place text watermark to any position of the digital photograph

Choose any font along with typeface installed in your system

Adjust font size appropriately

Choose the color for your text

Apply text stroke with appropriate stroke width and stroke color of your choice

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